You have health problems and would like to get healthy again

Then first fill in the free questionnaire of five health systems

This questionnaire will be sent to the SSL secured server of the Center for Preventive Medicine. The data is processed securely and a logarithm determines your 'percentage of health reduction' in the relevant systems. You will receive the results after about 2 to 3 working days. Your Preventionist of choice will then contact you to make an appointment for an explanation

You will then know what the cause of your complaints is and you will work with your Preventionist to get healthy again

If your 'health reduction' in the relevant health system is higher than 30%, you can work curatively on your health.
Usually you already have more or less complaints in that system. Here you will receive no-obligation advice to do an additional health test to get more clarity into the cause of your complaints
To measure is to know...

Fill in the questionnaire below as honestly as possible and send it to our SSL secured server.

This calculates your 'Health Reduction' in all 5 Health Systems which is displayed from 0% to 100%.
After approximately 2 to 3 working days, you will receive six digital A4 reports in PDF (5+1 summary).
Your Preventionist will then contact you to make a call appointment for an explanation. This call is free of charge!

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